NJS4E Publishing

A core competency of Njs4ever Networks is music journalism. Njs4ever has been cited by a number of commercial and scholarly parties as a primary source for information about the music and culture of New Jack Swing, and has also been involved with producing liner notes for New Jack Swing compilations by Time Life Music and Universal Music Group.

NJS4E will aggressively move to further solidify its position as the brand leader in the space of New Jack Swing/New Jack Era-related pop culture by producing books. Its first project is tentatively titled, New Jack Swing: The Whole Story and will closely follow the photos-and-text heavy "coffee table" format of Punk: The Whole Story, published by DK in collaboration with MOJO Magazine.

Currently, NJS4E has established ties with music journalist Barry Michael Cooper (Spin, Village Voice), the individual who coined the term "New Jack Swing" and wrote the screenplays for three Hollywood films: New Jack City, Sugar Hill, and Above The Rim.

Other journalists who have been introduced to, or expressed interest in the project are Michael A. Gonzales (Vibe, PopMatters, Essence, XXL), and Ann Powers (L.A. Times, Village Voice, New York Times).

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