NJS4E Music

Given NJS4E's "lightning rod" status as the pre-eminent online destination for all information related to the New Jack Swing Era and the musicians and artists that created the music, the next step in NJS4E's evolutionary growth is to offer this music online via mp3 downloads.

In accordance with the "long tail" theory, NJS4E will offer a vast variety of music, knowing that it will not move individual products in mass quantities, but instead will move a large quantity of product across a wide expanse of titles.

Currently, mainstream mp3 stores such as Itunes and Amazon.com's mp3 store do not offer a deep catalogue of New Jack Era related product either due to low demand, or perceived low demand. However, we do know that many of these out-of-print or rare titles are selling via bootleg for substantial amounts of money.


NJS4E's proposed solution is to re-activate these titles via our mp3 store, so that consumers are no longer gouged by bootleggers, and so that the record companies, publishers, and artists who own the rights to these titles get compensated for their work.

NJS4E's proposed partner in this venture is UK-based company 7Digital, which has developed mp3 stores for the following clients, among others:

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