New Jack Swing: Rope-A-Dope, Fresh Links

If you're **not** a fan of pop-up ads, you might want to try this can download it first before you buy it. Opera does have its limitations, but whenever you venture into the pop-up zone, this browser comes in handy. There's an option to block all pop-up ads, and believe you me, it works like a charm!

By far one of the most visually impressive fansites out there, KAM's tribute to New Edition is definitely top notch!! Head on over! is an excellent tribute to New Edition, and it features a critical examination of New Edition's music. If you love New Edition, this site is a MUST!

Created and led by DJ Cutmasta LC, MOC Radio is a web-radio outlet that plays New Jack and Old Skool R&B every Tuesday -- "Take Me Back Tuesdays". Give this site a visit; but make sure you have a fast internet connection, and the computer memory to handle it first!

Above is a direct link to Suite 101's R&B/Soul section. It's a great portal...check it out as soon as you can!

This Internet Service Provider offers dial-up, BUT the web browser is the coolest! It's based on IE technology, and it has a slick, "urban" feel (translation: R&B and Hip-hop). If this sounds like you, then by all means...check it out right now!

This is the ultimate place on the PLANET to find obscure 12-inches and remixes in any musical genre, including New Jack Swing. [Thanks to Vince L, from KCSB!]

All Music Guide is a music journalist's best friend!

This is the site that inspired New Jack Swing 4-Ever, the unofficial New Edition homepage. Check it out!

New Jack Swing hits/classics can be heard weekdays between 12pm and 2pm PST if you live in/near Seattle, WA on Kube 93 FM

New Jack Swing classics can sometimes be heard between 12:30pm and 1pm PST if you live in/near Santa Barbara, CA on Q104.7. You can also listen online!

New Jack Swing can be heard mixed by "Chris The Rebel" between 11:55am and 12:50pm in the San Francisco Bay Area on 106.1 KMEL

The 2003-2004 Hollywood Walk Of Fame campaign for New Edition.

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