New Jack Swing: The Acts Who Defined The Era

During the New Jack Swing Era (1988 - 1992), American popular culture entered an enlightened and optimistic period ~ especially in terms of race relations. On late night television, Arsenio Hall was a huge star, and as the first ever Black host of a late-night talk show, he gave "urban" entertainers (and public figures) a television platform they wouldn't have had otherwise. Multi-racial musical acts such as Color Me Badd, C&C Music Factory, The Party, and Pretty In Pink were breaking the unspoken "rules" of music marketing, along with Tara Kemp and Lisa Stansfield. Support for then-imprisoned South African activist Nelson Mandela by Americans was extremely strong across the board, and television shows like NBC's "A Different World" depicted the most thematically uplifting media portrait of young African-Americans in history...

Simply put, the New Jack Swing Era was a bright and shining moment for many Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop artists. Only during a period like the New Jack Era could the vast majority of the acts profiled on this website thrive.

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